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ESFPs’ Dominant Function: Extraverted Sensing (Se)

Se involves the perception of information through the five senses (i.e., sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste). It is sensual, instinctual, and appetitive. Compared to Si, it is more liberal and novelty-oriented with respect to sensations and the material world. Se types love novel sensations, physical thrills, and material comforts. They are “sensation-seekers,” relishing novel experiences and the thrill of action.

Phase I ESFPs (Teens-20s) are fun-loving and free-spirited. They enjoy being active and drinking in all the experiences life has to offer. Since their foremost concern is absorbing and experiencing the world, Phase I ESFPs tend not to take themselves or life itself too seriously.

This fits in really well with what we know of Genji’s youth. His drinking, philandering and constant exploration of the physical world was a result of his dominant Se, and he was said to be indulgent in food, fun, sex. This carries over to Genji as an older adult, to an extent—the way Genji is to be played in-game is extremely reactive in which you have to deflect attacks, and rather than it being somewhat planned like D.Va’s shooting attacks down Genji uses a sword to deflect them.

Genji’s being an Se-dominant is also why he initially has such a difficult time trying to reconcile himself with his cybernetic form. For someone who has lived very much through his physical world and physical senses, losing his senses of touch and taste would be very disheartening. A Fi-dominant person would be more likely to reconcile that faster, while for Genji it took years and years. Even post-Recall and in-game, he is shown to have signs of yearning for the physical like his *”Ramen! [sighs] It's just not the same anymore.”* voice line in Hanamura.

A lot of people might ask why I type Genji as an extrovert, especially a dominant Se when he is shown to be relatively quiet and calm in-game. To this, I have two answers: 1. Your MBTI type doesn’t change and tends to solidify by your late teens, if not early 20s and 2. extroverts do not necessarily need to be talkative, and introverts are not always quiet. Introversion or extroversion is simply how one interacts with the world around them, and Genji’s constant partaking in the physical world around him in his youth is the clearest sign of a dominant Se that I’ve seen.

ESFPs’ Auxiliary Function: Introverted Feeling (Fi)

Fi is individualistic and idiosyncratic. Because Fi judgments are formed largely independently, Fi types can be a bit wary of Fe expressions. To FP types, Fe can seem generic, fake, or contrived. With that said, since ESFPs often use their Se to mimic Fe, they are apt to be less bothered by Fe expressions than IFPs might be.

Rightly or wrongly, Fi can also seem more emotionally “mature” than Fe. This Since ESFPs’ emotions are often repackaged and expressed via their tertiary Te, they can often come across as measured and rational; they may even be mistaken for Thinking types. Unlike Fe emotion, Fi emotion is not given an opportunity to “run rampant” in its outward expression–it is restrained. The same introverted property which provides such restraint is also responsible for its intensiveness. At times, that Fi intensity of emotion comes out through Te in the form of biting or sarcastic remarks, something ESFPs need to be wary of.

The strongest sign I’ve seen of Genji being a Fi user over an Fe user is his independent judgment about the Shimada family and refusing to partake in their criminal ways. He’s grown up in the environment and by all means should have been groomed to believe in their methods, but Genji is capable of taking a look at it and saying “no.” It doesn’t feel right to him, despite what objective “truth” he might know, and truth is very relative to what he might have been told and what he has been conditioned to know from his outside world. Contrast this with Hanzo, who as a ISFJ I perceive as being a Fe type.

Genji’s Fi is even more apparent in-game with his statements about wholeness. Especially in the “Dragons” short, in which Genji he goes all the way to Hanamura to preach forgiveness to Hanzo despite everything, and extends a hand to him and an invitation to come and join him in Overwatch. This is a sign of a healthier, developed Fi now that he is older, and able to make calmer, more rational judgments instead of solely relying on his instinctual Se. His inner peace that Zenyatta helps him achieve comes as a result of his developing his Fi to a point where he is able to recognize calmness and tranquility within him.

Also, with regards to biting and sarcastic remarks, I’m just going to bring out some of his quotes from in-game when things aren’t going his way, despite Genji’s overall rather laid-back attitude. Sarcasm definitely isn’t Fi-exclusive, but Genji is definitely a master of sharp statements when emotionally backed into a corner.

(when the payload is stuck) "The payload is stopped. And here I thought we had a plan."

(To Hanzo before a battle) “So this is what has become of you? A pity.”

His voice lines in Japanese are also, interestingly, more mocking than in English. I’m not a Japanese speaker myself so forgive me if this is standard for the language, but I like the idea of Genji making snarky, pointed remarks in a language that few others in Overwatch can understand. These are all Final Blow lines, by the way.

Kono teido ka.

Kanji: この程度か。
English: You amount only so much.

Ha, aho ga!

Kanji: はっ。 アホが!
English: Ha, you fool!

Oitsukeru kana?

Kanji: 追いつけるかな?
English: Can you keep up?

ESFPs’ Tertiary Function: Extraverted Thinking (Te)

Extraverted Thinking (Te) involves the outward expression of rational judgments. As we’ve seen, Te contributes to ESFPs’ ability to communicate in a measured and articulate fashion. Their Te is particularly active when proffering advice, at times leading them to seem preachy or condescending. But because Te is in the bottom half of their functional stack, ESFPs are not always comfortable expressing their judgments, especially early in their development.

The way I frequently describe Genji to my friends is “a frat boy who discovered yoga and goes around telling people how to achieve their inner Qi or something.” ESFPs love to give advice and enjoy having people turn to them for help, and Genji’s constant speaking of forgiveness and peace is very evident of that. It is no coincidence that he is frequently portrayed as a big brother type to D.Va in fanworks, and as Genji continues to grow older and mature we are likely to see more of how he develops as a human.

Contrast this with what we know of younger Genji, in which he chose not to directly oppose his family but to turn to philandering and drinking. He could not reconcile his family’s actions with his inner values, so he chose to turn away and not confront it, hiding behind his unhealthy dominant Se to escape the reality he was in. As Genji grows older he is increasingly able to express his Te, and this is how he is able to finally come to terms with, and to stand up against Hanzo in the “Dragons” short.

ESFPs’ Inferior Function: Introverted Intuition (Ni)

ESFPs in the grip of their inferior Ni are prideful and self-righteous. They can be slow to see or admit their own personal failures or shortcomings, since this would threaten their self-image of being wise (Ni) and righteous (Te). Their inferior Ni can also cause ESFPs to latch onto a particular theory, worldview, or plan for their lives.

This especially is relevant to younger Genji, who has been described as being arrogant and prideful. As for older Genji, he is less so, but has clung to Zenyatta’s philosophy of forgiveness and inner peace; it is a healthier exploration of his inferior Ni, though I wonder what would happen if that developed worldview is shattered.
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dear creator,

firstly, thank you so much for doing this. i'm going through a really, really, rough patch right now and even though i'll hopefully be over it by the time assignments are revealed, just knowing someone's going to give me something lovely in the future is making me smile. trust me, i probably love it already.

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